When you own any multi-family property that doesn't have a large backyard, artificial turf is the perfect solution to bring a fake lawn into your yard without having to maintain it. Anyone that is a property owner knows that minimal is more when it comes to this type of housing. If there are some homeowner or community requirements, you'll need to make sure that artificial turf is allowed by your association or other board.

1. No plumbing or sprinklers - Let's look at the real costs here, installing an automated watering system for a lawn is a high cost and that's within the sprinkler system.

2. It's going to last you a long time - Lawns get torn up when they have more room to allow for maximum velocity. Keeping high-speed foot races and dog kennels and dog trail runners to a minimum will insure you keep the synthetic lawn lasting longer with a well-laid artificial law.

3. Always green - It's true. Artificial turf won't brown if it isn't watered enough in the summer. It won't brown in winter. We're not saying it might be greener, we're saying it will always be green!

3. Increases the value - not that this is always the case. Without proper installation it could decrease the value, so make sure to use a knowledgeable installer.

5. Make it yours - Personalizing a space with turf brings you a higher pride of ownership. Who doesn't love a green turf area to show off?

6. No machines required - Owning a mower requires you to store and maintain it. A gas mower may result in funny looks from the neighborhood Karen, while an electric mow will have Diesel Dave busting your chops. Edging a lawn won't be a thing. Now, for those that are cool with outsourcing to a local lawn jockey, you can save the street parking for the Amazon van delivery man dropping off your future purchases.

We hope that you found these reasons to be enough to spike your interest in speaking with a professional artificial turf installer about getting a quote. Feel free to use our measure your area tool that will let you map your Multi-family Property square footage using Google Maps. Once you know your area, jump into the calculation of your costs to get an estimate on DIY artificial turf and fully installed turf by a trained pro! Let's make your Townhome, Duplex, Twin Home, or Condominium the coolest home on the block.


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