If you are a sports aficionado, your sportsman den is probably your hideaway. And regardless of whether you are play sports on the field or the court, such as playing baseball, tennis, soccer, golf or football, then you cannot do without man cave turf carpet.

There are a number of reasons why individuals have removed their real grass and replaced it with artificial turf or synthetic grass. The fact that this type of “lawn” is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance explain its popularity, not to mention the fact that it looks very realistic. It is not uncommon to see turf used indoors as well as outdoors.

For instance, in the sports man cave, you can paint the walls to resemble the colors of your favorite team or install wallpaper murals that depict the stadium where your team plays. You can hang theme-related items on the walls such as sports memorabilia or posters of your favorite players. You can even go as far as installing tiered rows of benches to imitate seating in a stadium if you like. Once you have done all of the above and it is time to install your artificial turf, it will be like putting the icing on the cake. You will have the man cave of your dreams and the ultimate refuge inside your home.

With artificial turf, you have the option of adding your favorite team’s logo and though there are a variety of hardwood and other floorings available, you need to consider your sports before getting the man cave floor done. Though hardwood floor is a great choice, if you have a weakness for traditional flooring, the only reason that most people prefer artificial turf is because it is softer and more versatile than wood. Most of the homes have wooden flooring, so just to set apart your man cave, giving the floor a different edge can make it comfortable yet apart from the usual.

Additionally, if you are fond of surfing, wake boarding or water skiing, you can opt for the blue turf, giving the décor of the room a feel of the water. But in case, you live in a warm-weather region and love winter sports, having a white turf gives the whole room a feel of snow, accentuating the room décor of skiing, snow-boarding and more. The options available with artificial turf are immense and you can explore the possibilities of making your man cave a truly unique den with turf flooring.


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