Carpeting is an important detail that is often overlooked when it comes to entertainment, business, and personal events. Just think about it, what is the one thing that everyone thinks about when they hear about the Oscars? The red carpet of course! While you don't have to get as extravagant as having the honorary lengths of elegant red carpet that celebrities walk at gala events, you can have your own red carpet or any other color for that matter in a much more subdued manner.

Practical, casual and yet elegant

Event turf is a practical means to achieving this sought after accessory to popular events. Whether you are looking for aisle runners at weddings or leading runners at fashion shows coloured turf is both eye catching and pleasing to a crowds feet. It comes in a multitude of styles, lengths and colours. It is also not as ostentatious as that infamous red carpet can be. While the red carpet is reminiscent of chic poses and elegant gowns, turf carpet invokes a sense of fun and laid back gaiety that can put your guests at ease. Whether you need it as conference turf, turf aisle runners, wedding turf, fashion show turf, limo entrance turf, or photo shoot turf, this can be the perfect accessory to any event.

Event turf is a great addition for any occasion and can be used in a multitude of settings. It is great for indoor and outdoor use. As wedding turf it can be used outside to add the final touches to that perfect beach wedding or as extra carpeting alongside the deck or poolside where the reception is taking place. Fashion show turf is common because it comes in a variety of colors (i.e. Florida Blue, White, Red, Black, Classic Green) the options are limitless.

Using it as limo entrance turf adds a bit of elegance and professionalism to a company or business event and using turf aisle runners can add festive decorations to any occasion. This is an affordable alternative to actually using carpet and other materials in place and it is just and beautiful and just as comfortable. Your guests will compliment you on your uniqueness and ingenuity. They will also thank you on the comfort you have provided their feet. Most often this turf is sold in a variety of pre-cut lengths but can also be sold by the yard or foot.

Carpeting options

Talk to your local vendor regarding your event and they will be able to work with you on the best options. In most cases buying in bulk is cheaper than by the piece. If you want to add flair of fun and dazzle to your event while keeping it comfortable and classic then consider using turf as opposed to other carpeting options. Whether you are hosting an indoor or outdoor event, this carpeting is one of the better options. It will save you loads of money compared to other options and it will still look just as good. It works for a variety of events whether personal or business while the maintenance costs are zero.

Many vendors sell it and it comes at affordable prices. It is also very durable and can be stored away for future use. This really is the best option if you are hosting a large event and you need to come up with those last minute decorating details such as carpeting. Give us a call today and see what kind of options we have for you. No matter the size of your project we will be able to help you out and we will be able to make it affordable for you. You don't need a fancy red carpet. A fancy red turf will be just as good. If not better!


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