What many people don’t realize where artificial turf is concerned is that it has more applications than just commercial or residential ones. One of the more popular uses is pet grass and placing it in that area where your dog prefers to hang out, play, and sleep. Installing synthetic pet turf has become popular in recent years with many homeowners taking advantage of the benefits that replacing natural grass with dog turf provides. Whether it’s your cat or dog, or one of the neighbourhood strays, you’ll be glad that you made the switch.

It’s no secret that a cat or dog can inflict a lot of damage to a natural grass lawn. That’s one of the reasons that replacing your lawn with pet grass makes sense. However, the following benefits of pet turf make installing it worth considering: Whether you are looking for cat or dog turf, artificial turf for your front and back yard areas, or synthetic grass to improve the looks of your commercial property, let Artificial Turf Specialist help you with all of your landscaping needs.
Just think about how much easier your life will be without having to listen to your noisy lawnmower, using pesticides, replacing sprinkler heads, and thatching your lawn. You’ll be doing your part to help protect the environment as well because you’ll be going green by installing an artificial lawn. Our synthetic turf is the highest quality, most cost-effective artificial grass that you can find anywhere. We pride ourselves on being the premier leader in the artificial turf industry. We can help you get the best quality pet grass for your home and if you have questions or queries, we’ll be happy to assist you with any information that you need. Please call us or contact us at Artificialturfspecialist.com. Get a Free Synthetic Grass Quote.
  • Brown spots from urine never develop
  • Clean up is quick and easy whether it is a bowel movement or urine because you just hose it off
  • Dirt and grass being tracked into the home is minimized
  • Drainage is usually not a problem
  • Harmful pesticides never have to be used

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sports field turf


Soccer, Football, Baseball, and golf are prime examples of where you can utilize sports turf on fields. Limit the costs of maintaining real grass.

Sports Turf

pet turf


Dogs are dirty, which makes your home doomed to become a dust bowl. Pet Turf helps to minimize dirt tracked through your home making for a clean home and clean yard.

Pet Turf

playground turf


There are many choices when providing safe playground surfacing, however artificial turf may be one of the more attractive and affordable options of them all.

Playground Turf

landscape turf


Watering your lawn is becoming more expensive every year. Keep the green by installing artificial turf on your property.

Landscape Turf