You could easily refer to artificial turf as waterless grass since it doesn’t require any watering or mowing for that matter. Although most people think of waterless turf as the surface in a baseball or football stadium, it has residential applications as well as other recreational ones. Artificial turf can also be used as a practice chipping and putting green to help you sharpen up your golf game or it can be used to cover a pet area. Suffice it to say, a waterless lawn has numerous applications, both commercial and residential.

From a commercial standpoint, waterless grass drains better than a natural lawn, eliminates or dramatically reduces the amount of dirt that is tracked into the building, lowers maintenance costs, and reduces your monthly utility bill. Most importantly, by installing waterless turf, you are doing your part to “go green” and create less of an impact on the environment. However, the installation of a waterless lawn at your home property has many of the same advantages as what you do with your commercial property.

Homeowners have switched over to artificial turf from their natural lawns for a number or reasons but the primary ones are:

  • Artificial turf feels and looks just like real grass
  • Curb and property appeal are improved
  • Drainage is usually not a problem
  • It is much more durable than a regular lawn
  • Little or no maintenance needs to be done and you never have to mow artificial turf
  • Waste of natural resources is greatly reduced
If you’ve been considering converting your natural grass lawn to artificial turf, whether it’s a commercial application or a residential one, Artificial Turf Specialist has the experience and the expertise that it takes to install it. In the long run, you will appreciate how cost-effective your decision turns out to be, especially when it comes to saving time on moving lawns! To know more about waterless grass and how it can help your lawn maintenance and save water, please call us for more details. We’ll be happy to provide a no-obligation free quote for your specific requirement. Get a.


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Learn about the types of artificial turf we work with and how we could help you choose the perfect one.

sports field turf


Soccer, Football, Baseball, and golf are prime examples of where you can utilize sports turf on fields. Limit the costs of maintaining real grass.

Sports Turf

pet turf


Dogs are dirty, which makes your home doomed to become a dust bowl. Pet Turf helps to minimize dirt tracked through your home making for a clean home and clean yard.

Pet Turf

playground turf


There are many choices when providing safe playground surfacing, however artificial turf may be one of the more attractive and affordable options of them all.

Playground Turf

landscape turf


Watering your lawn is becoming more expensive every year. Keep the green by installing artificial turf on your property.

Landscape Turf